Programmers do not sit down and start writing code right away when trying to make a

computer program. Instead, they follow an organized plan or methodology, that breaks

the process into a series of tasks.

Here are the basic steps in trying to solve a problem on the computer:

1. Problem Definition

2. Problem Analysis

3. Algorithm design and representation (Pseudocode or flowchart)

4. Coding and debugging

1.5.1 Problem Definition

A programmer is usually given a task in the form of a problem. Before a program can be designed to solve a particular problem, the problem must be well and clearly defined first

in terms of its input and output requirements.

A clearly defined problem is already half the solution. Computer programming requires us to define the problem first before we even try to create a solution.

1.5.2 Problem Analysis

After the problem has been adequately defined, the simplest and yet the most efficient and effective approach to solve the problem must be formulated.

Usually, this step involves breaking up the problem into smaller and simpler subproblems.

1.5.3 Algorithm design and representation

Once our problem is clearly defined, we can now set to finding a solution. In computer programming, it is normally required to express our solution in a step-by-step manner.

An Algorithm is a clear and unambiguous specification of the steps needed to solve a

problem. It may be expressed in either Human language (English, Tagalog), through a graphical representation like a flowchart or through a pseudocode, which is a cross

between human language and a programming language.

1.5.4 Coding and Debugging

After constructing the algorithm, it is now possible to create the source code. Using the algorithm as basis, the source code can now be written using the chosen programming


Most of the time, after the programmer has written the program, the program isn’t 100% working right away. The programmer has to add some fixes to the program in case of

errors (also called bugs) that occurs in the program. This process of is called