Results of Magellan’s voyage

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  • For the first time, man circumnavigated the world, thereby proving that the Earth is round.
  • It made the Europeans aware that the greatest of all oceans lies between the New World and Asia.
  • It enhanced geographical knowledge and motivated the Europeans to explore and conquer the Pacific.
  • It paved the way for the colonization of the Philippines.

Reasons why the Europeans explored the world.

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  • GOD -to spread Catholicism around the world.
  • GOLD – to be used for production of galleons and more weapons.
  • GLOTY – gives power to the country and other countries will fear the super power.

The PHILIPPINES plays a great role in ASIA

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  • It serves as a bridge between the cultures of EAST and WEST.
  • It lies at the crossroads of international air and sea routes.
  • It serves as a “BASTION of DEMOCRACY” in Asia.
  • It is the ONLY CHRISTIAN nation in Asia.

What makes the Philippines unique?

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    • predominantly Catholic with Christian and Muslims etc.
    • first republic in Asia (1898-1901)
    • first to experience VOLUNTARY decolonization by a foreign power
    • Asian
    • European
    • Latin
    • American

What is the best way to appreciate a country?

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  • to know its culture and tradition
  • to visit the place
  • to understand its history
  • to LIVE in it

Do’s in Folk Dancing


  1. Do not exaggerate the dance steps.
  2. Do not make dances too dainty and graceful like ballet.
  3. Do not make entrance and exit long.
  4. Do not make steps too elaborates and complicated.
  5. Do not call a dance unless steps come from traditional dances.

Factors Affecting Folk Dances

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  1. Geographical Location
  2. Economic Conditions
  3. Climate Conditions
  4. Customs and Traditions

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